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505 N. Mountain Road, Linglestown, Pennsylvania

Robert H. Hoke Post 272

Post Officers

Post 272 Officers Phone Number 08/01/17 to 07/31/18
Commander: Ken Stambaugh 717-443-0905
1st Vice Commander: Lee Rung 545-6721  
2nd Vice Commander: Adrienne O'Brien 545-6721  
Adjutant: Rod O'Conner 545-6721  
Finance Officer: Francis E. Mull, Jr.   433-7987
Service Officer:  Lee Lippi 717-395-6163
Sergeant-at-Arms: Bill Leaman 545-6721


Judge Advocate: Lee Rung


Parliamentarian: Ed Hine 545-6721  
Historian:  Ed Hine and Tony Dauchess 545-6721  
Executive Board Member: Dwayne Hoover 545-6721  
Executive Board Member:  545-6721  
Executive Board Member: Tony Dauchess 545-6721  
Executive Board Member: John Lynott 545-6721  
Past Commander: Marshall Eward 545-6721  
Past Commander: Greg Snyder 545-6721  
Home Association Officers    
Home Association President: Lee Rung 545-6721  
Home Association 1st VP: Dick Crumlich    
Home Association 2nd VP: Mark Cobb    
Home Association Treasurer: Greg Snyder    
Home Association Secretary: Adrienne O' Brien    
Home Association Trustee: John Lynott    
Home Association Trustee: Rod O'Conner    
Home Association Trustee:     
Home Association Trustee:     
Post Affiliated Officers    
SAL Commander: Tom Wolfe 545-6721
SAL 1st Vice: George Kopp  717) 540-7035
SAL 2nd Vice: Lenny Carnathan (717) 554-0903
SAL Adjutant: Court Barnabei (717)343-2283
SAL Finance Officer: John Pressley (717) 884-2020  
SAL Historian: Jeffery Hinkle    
SAL Chaplin: Gary Cook     
SAL Membership: Court Barnabei (717)343-2283
Sgt at Arms: Rick Beckley    
Past Commander: Mark Henninger    
ALA - Ladies Auxiliary Pres: Dori Suskie 717-215-8147  
ALA - 1st Vice President:  Jan Snyder 570-486-9220
ALA - 2nd Vice President:  Sue Knaub 717-580-1417  
ALA - Secretary: Sharon Lynott 717-652-4589
ALA - Ladies Auxiliary Treasurer: Andrea Rung 717-991-5053  
ALA - Chaplain: Mary Ann Gajar    
ALA - Sergeant-at-Arms: Belinda McCottry    
ALA - Sergeant-at-Arms: Mary Darenkamp    
ALA - Parlementarian: Melissa Zimmerman    
ALA - Historian: Ruth Jeannerat 717-395-6264  
American Legion Riders Pres: Rick Beckley 545-6721  
American Legion Riders Vice Pres: William Leaman    
American Legion Riders Secretary: Allie Brinck    
American Legion Riders Treas: Sharon Leaman    
American Legion Riders Road Capt: Dave Lyons    
American Legion Riders Sgt. at Arms: Fred Deimler    
American Legion Riders Chaplin: Mark Brinck    
American Legion Riders Historian: Sean Snyder    
Honor Guard Captain- Bill Dornsife 717-540-5220
Post 272 Canteen Manager: Nicole Brown 717-545-6721

Banquet Hall Manager: Nicole Brown 717-545-6721










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